AEMC - Kingswood Touch Rugby 7’s

21st September 2019 at Box Hill Rugby grounds.

Overview of AEMC - Kingswood Rugby 7’s

Kingswood College Kandy, Sri Lanka - Old Boys Association (OBA) Australia, is proudly organizing their annual flagship event; Kingswood Touch Rugby 7’s tournament between past pupils from Melbourne based Sri Lankan school associations and clubs. This year we are reaching an important milestone of celebrating the 11 year anniversary of this major event in Melbourne. Last year’s event was attended by eighteen teams and over one thousand hundred spectators from a wide cross-section and we expect to have twenty teams and over two thousand spectators this year.

In association with

Kingswood Old Boys’ Association (OBA) Australia was formed in 2007 with the main objectives of continuing and strengthening relationships among past Kingswoodians resident throughout Australia to cherish and maintain values of Kingswood and to build and provision funding to our alma mater for its own betterment and continuation and more importantly to fund our charitable projects to help under privileged children in Sri Lanka.

As old boys of Kingswood College Kandy we are very much dedicated to bear the responsibilities lying upon us as well as carry the effects of the values and ethos of the School. We will continually operate in line with our values to pursuit the best outcome for the community by carrying the great legacy set over 128 years ago by our founder; Principal Mr L.E Blaze.

As old boys of the school that introduced rugby football to the Sri Lankan curriculum (in 1891) we are very proud to have organized the first ever touch rugby 7s tournament among the Sri Lankan community in Australia in 2009. The annual Rugby 7s has since emerged as one of the most popular and looked-forward to events of the Association’s calendar which, beginning as a highlight of Melbourne and its suburbs, has now spread on to attract international and interstate interest. A team from New Zealand were amongst the last year’s participants and we are expecting a team from Adelaide this year.

Kingswood Touch Rugby 7s is arguably the largest sporting event organized by a Sri Lankan Association/Club based in Australia which invites both school and club-level participation. Among the main objectives of our organization is to reach out to the wider Sri Lankan community resident in Australia and to foster positive social and community relations through team sport and collective culture. In its nine year history, the event has proven to be a cherished opportunity to build and renew relations with members of the community and to relax on a worthy day out with friends and family. All efforts are made to continually improve what the participant has on offer and to make the tournament professional and enjoyable for all teams and fans. Among the organization’s larger focuses in hosting the tournament are the value placed on healthy competition, good sportsmanship and warm friendship.

The Rugby Victoria has also officially partnered with this event this year to further improve the standards and exposure of this major sporting event.

Kingswood Touch Rugby 7s will be contested under four segments: as Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield championships. This compartmentalized player environment is meant to bolster opportunities and will feature qualified referees, the presence of representatives of Box Hill Rugby Union and gain from the recognition of the tournament being a professional fixture.

The event will be covered by expert media and all the prizes, awards which include trophies for the best player and the winning teams will be distributed at the formal awards ceremony which will follow the day’s play.

In terms of the funding; we have received considerable financial support as well as valuable expertise in the past years from a number of distinguished Old Boys of Kingswood College. The support of sponsors and patrons is immense for the success and longevity of our Old Boys Association in Australia and we would not have come thus far without their well-wishes.

Kingswood is a school where collective culture is promoted and cherished over individualism, and the Kingswood OBA in Australia strives to maintain these positive values which, over the years, have become part and parcel of our vision and worldview.

The Kingswood OBA is pleased to extend this invitation to everyone interested to join us and take part in the Kingswood Touch Rugby 7’s 2019; to support the teams, to have a relaxing day out refreshing relationships, or in making new ones.